37 Weeks, and Counting . . .

Baby Faulkner is “full term,” as they say.  We decided to make the most of this potentially last weekend of “just the two of us” by taking a long walk to brunch on Saturday and then enjoying a stroll through the neighborhood park today.  The weather could not have been better – a nice little cool snap with partly cloudy skies.

The ubiquitous spring blooms in the park made for a great backdrop for this mother-to-be.  We decided to do one last preggo photo shoot.

Isn’t momma beautiful?

Since Daddy has gained as much if not more weight than Momma during her pregnancy, Anne thought it fitting to get a photo of him as well – “so we can remember what you looked like in this stage too,” she said so thoughtfully.

Before we left we saw a mother duck with her ducklings paddling across the pond.  Anne said this must be a sign that we’re supposed to have seven children.  Umm . . .

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2 Responses to 37 Weeks, and Counting . . .

  1. Alan says:

    All eleven of you are really looking good. What great pics! And oh my how mommy has grown in the last two weeks!

  2. Aunt Cary says:

    Let’s start with one…. for reals. Annie looks GLOWING. I am ready for this baby to come! Tonight’s the full moon… perhaps tonight’s the night!

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