Heading Home!

Dressed in her “going home outfit.”  Notice the thoughtful look on her face.  What could Alice be thinking about?

This photo was taken 1 second later.  Evidently she was thinking about spitting up on her going home outfit.

And 1 second after the spit up, she’s a happy camper.  So far we’ve learned that two things really make Alice smile: spitting up and tooting.

So you may think in this picture that Alice is so excited about going home in her new car seat.  But we’re guessing she just tooted.

And here we are about to cross the threshold with Kid #1.  We promise she’s in that car seat.  Thanks, Grandmother Ally, for sharing this photo.

And thanks to Grampa, whose leftover homemade spaghetti was a welcomed dinner after two days of hospital food.

Alice is eating very well and sleeping even better.  We think she likes her new home.

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One Response to Heading Home!

  1. trisha says:

    Great shots, and Alice is SO cute!! What great expressions she has, even if they are just to release something… she is precious! What a great little family!

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