Alice had several “firsts” today.

First tummy time.  Despite her skeptical look, she seemed to enjoy this new perspective on the world.

First sponge bath – well, sort of.  She didn’t like this event as much as tummy time.

She calmed down, though, as soon as the bath was over.

First “portrait” with her maternal grandparents.  By “portrait” we mean she’s actually wearing a cute outfit instead of a onesie that has five or more spit-up stains on it.

First decent portrait with Daddy.

Let’s include another one of Daddy, since he’s usually on the other side of the camera.

First non-spit-up-onesie portrait with Mommy.

First time meeting Kira, who wanted to bring Alice rocks and help out with the bulb syringe duties.

I mean, how cute is this?

First time meeting Daddy’s best friend, the Swam.  This photo was taken just after someone made a My Two Dads comment.

First stroller ride!

We took turns pushing her, but Jason prefers to be the driver.

Alice didn’t seem to care who was pushing – she loved her first stroller ride.

First time being cute?  Not hardly.

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One Response to Firsts

  1. EmilyLarge says:

    Congratulations, Anne!! Alice is perfect and you look (and sound) amazing! I loved looking at all your amazing photos of your first week of life. Enjoy!!

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