Changing of the Guard

Alice’s grandmother Allyson left this morning.  We were very sad to see her go.

Thanks to her, our house has never looked cleaner. She scrubbed bathrooms, changed linens, put away wedding gifts (thanks for storing all of those for us, by the way!), organized closets, watered plants, made many grocery runs, stocked our fridge with delicious meals, and {best of all} she washed, folded and put away countless loads of laundry.

She also kept watch over the night shift for baby Alice so her Momma and Daddy could get some highly coveted sleep.

Having Allyson here to manage all things household related freed us up to simply enjoy our baby in her first week home, which was such a wonderful gift.

We could not be more grateful for her time here and hope she comes back soon!

But thankfully we have not been left all on our own just yet…

Alice’s other grandmother Lala is here to stay for the next week!  And she has already been a huge help, especially in those moments when Alice needs that calming embrace of a grandmother.

We are certainly feeling thankful for Alice’s grandmothers these days.  She is very blessed to have them.

And we think she knows this already.

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