The Newest Chicago Blackhawks Fan

Alice just loves her new Blackhawks onesies.  She has instantly become a hardcore fan.

She can’t wait for her Big Ed to explain to her all the intricacies and strategies of hockey and for her Aunt Cary to give her the low-down on all the players.

Alice spent quite a bit of time just chillin’ in her proud new duds.

Then her parents made the mistake of telling her that the Blackhawks didn’t make the Stanley Cup Finals this year.  Suffice it to say she was just a taaaad upset.

She managed to calm herself down, though, and resolved to be extremely optimistic about next season.

A big thanks goes out to the folks at Wirtz Beverage who so thoughtfully and generously sent Alice three of her favorite hockey team’s onesies.  She can’t wait to wear them as she cheers on the Blackhawks this Fall.



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3 Responses to The Newest Chicago Blackhawks Fan

  1. Grampa says:

    Raise a fan in the way they should go…and when they are old…

    Love the scream pic!!!

  2. Aunt Cary says:

    Yay!!! GO HAWKS!

  3. Jan Noble says:

    Little Alice is a doll. I can’t wait to see her in person.

    Hope Mommy and Daddy are doing well.

    Jan Noble

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