Special Visits

As Aunt Cary aptly noted, we have not been blogging as much as we once were.

Without around the clock help from Grandmothers Ally and Lala, we have had to figure out how to manage this parenting gig on our own.  Just when we think we are getting the hang of it, our sweet baby girl throws us for a loop and adds new tricks to her daily routine like changing sleep patterns, infant reflux and more frequent feedings.  All this has led to fewer photo ops for Daddy and less time to share pictures on the blog.

Thankfully we have had dear friends and family come to visit us almost daily while we are still at home with Alice, trying to establish a routine.  It has been very nice to have so many sweet visitors come by bringing meals, flowers, snacks . . . even diapers and coffee when we needed them (thanks Kate!).  Having the support of our community has made a world of difference in these early days.

Last week we had two very special visits from friends who came from far and wide to meet our Alice.

Our first visit was a surprise from Anne’s dear friend and college roommate Elizabeth, who now lives in the Mississippi Delta.  Sadly, Elizabeth got stranded in Atlanta en route to a wedding because of bad weather and delayed flights.  But fortunately for us, it meant she had the chance to meet our Alice and spend the afternoon with us.

She even got to administer Alice’s first dose of infant reflux medicine.  Thanks for sharing that milestone with us, Edubs!  We loved spending time with you!

Our next visitor came all the way from the Midwest to meet baby Alice.  ErinB, one of Anne’s dearest childhood friends, and her husband, Stephen, made the trek down South to meet their newborn niece and were able to stop over before church on Sunday to meet our baby girl. (It was still rather early which is why, as you see pictured above, our child was not yet dressed for the day).  It was a brief visit, but so very special.  We are glad y’all came.

We are thankful for these special visitors and for the many friends and family who have come by to meet our Alice in these early days.  We are blessed by your love!

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One Response to Special Visits

  1. Elizabeth says:

    When can I visit again? when when when??

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