Catching up . . .

Hi.  Alice here.  My mommy and daddy have been real slackers as of late.  I mean, they haven’t done a blog post in like, what, a month!?!  What’s the deal?  Are they getting bored with me?  Has the novelty worn off?

Daddy leaves now for several hours a day.  When he gets home he says he’s “too tired” to take photos of me.  Really, Daddy?  LAME.

Fortunately my Aunt Cary took some photos with her iPhone while we were in Lake Toxaway, and I did manage to find some of Daddy’s photos too, although they were in short supply.

This is how long it’s been since my parents have posted – here I am meeting my Great Ma-Ma and Granddaddy, but that was SIX weeks ago!  I’m much bigger than that now.

Here I am in my mommy’s hometown, Belleville, IL.  That’s my Great Grandmother Grie holding me.  I love my Great Grie!

Here’s me with my Aunt Lissa.  Sometimes she doesn’t wear pants, just like me!

Here’s another picture of me and Great Grie.  My Uncle Hamilton says this photo looks like the Madonna with Child.

And here’s another one with Mommy in the picture too.

Now here’s my Uncle Hamilton holding me.  I feel right at home in his arms.

And there’s me with my Aunt Chrissy and Herbie.  Aunt Chrissy was such a natural with me – I fell right asleep in her arms.

Here’s another picture of me and Herbie.  We became really good friends because when I spit up he would eat it.  He’s not like the rest of the humans.

Oh, this was my first ever boat ride.  We spent several days up at Lake Toxaway – it was beautiful!  Despite my confused look in this picture, I really liked riding on the boat.  The sun was really bright, though.  That’s why I’m wearing that funny little hat.

While we were up at the lake, we celebrated Mommy’s birthday.  I was kind of tired after the party.

Well, there’s probably more pictures I could post, but I’m getting kind of hungry.  Hopefully my parents will get back into the swing of things and update this blog more often so I don’t have to!  You just have to see how big and chunky I’m getting.

Okay, Mommy’s back from the store – time to eat!!


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