4 Month Stats

This was Alice’s reaction when I mentioned to her that there may be some shots involved in today’s visit to the pediatrician. But she took them like a champ…much better than her momma who still feels a little faint at the mere sight of a needle.

Here are her 4 month stats for those interested in the numbers:

Weight:  Birth – 7lbs 5oz. (44th%),   4 months – 14lbs2oz (50th%)

Height :  Birth – 20inches (90th%),  4 months – 25 inches(87th%)

Head :     Birth – 13inches (14th%),   4months – 16inches (50th%)

Likes: looking at her reflection, grabbing her feet, chewing on anything that comes near her mouth, watching her mommy and daddy talk to other grown-ups, splashing in the baby bath tub, cooing to herself, and rolling over from her back to her tummy.

Dislikes: her yucky tasting vitamin D supplements, being by herself, and not being able to move from her tummy to her back yet.

Alice has grown into such a little person over these past few weeks. We are continually amazed at how her lively little personality is unfolding with the each new smile, sound and expression that she produces. We are having great fun watching her get bigger and feel so very proud to be her parents.

Happy 4 months baby girl!

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One Response to 4 Month Stats

  1. grampa says:

    Ok, I cried again when I saw the picture of her smiling…she is such a beautiful, beautiful girl…

    Love you Sweet Alice,


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