Pumpkin Patch

After driving around for about 2 hours, running various errands but mostly burning time while waiting for a break in the rain, we finally made it over to the Northside Methodist pumpkin patch for a few photos.  As you can see, by the time we got there, Alice had lost interest in this particular outing.

At times she appeared almost contemplative.  Perhaps she was considering, “What is the true meaning of life?”  Or, maybe more realistically, “Why did my parents plop me down on the wet ground in the middle of all these orange things?”

Despite being underwhelmed by this event, Alice was a very good sport.

She even managed to pose for a few shots with Mommy.

Here she even looks like she might be getting excited again about the pumpkin patch.

Or, maybe not.

It was just as well, though.  The rain started to pick back up, so we concluded our visit.  We’re thankful that the rain let up just long enough for us to chronicle Alice’s first pumpkin patch adventure.


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2 Responses to Pumpkin Patch

  1. Erin says:


  2. Elizabeth says:

    these are so wonderful…i can’t believe how much bigger she is!

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