Great Grandmothers

Alice is very blessed to have four great grandmothers in her life.

This summer she met Mama, Jason’s paternal grandmother first.

Then came a trip to Belleville to meet her Great Grie, Anne’s paternal granmother.

Next, she met Momdoni, Jason’s maternal grandmother, in Augusta.

And last, but certainly not least, she took a trip down to St. Simons this week to meet her Great GranDodie, Anne’s maternal grandmother.

Alice had a delightful time with her mom, Mimi and GranDodie this past week. (Another post with more on the visit will be coming soon.)

She is a fortunate little girl to have all of her Great Grandmothers. And what incredible women they will be for her to look up to as she grows!

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One Response to Great Grandmothers

  1. Ed Callison says:

    These four women are truly a collection of ‘GRAND DAMES’.

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