A visit with GranDodie

Alice took a road trip last week  to meet her Great Grandmother, Dodie Bowen, who lives down in St. Simon’s Island. Mimi came from Belleville to join us on the trip and helped us get all packed up and ready for the journey. Mimi also drove the whole way down and back. Thankfully, Alice is a good little traveler and didn’t mind (too much) being in her car seat for five hours. Once we arrived and Alice met Dodie she was all smiles.

Alice got along famously with her GranDodie. It was love at first sight. Alice enjoyed listening to her great-grandmother tell stories and discuss the merits of swaddling.

The next day we had some fun taking group shots of four generations of Bowen women.

Alice also got to meet sweet Clara for the fist time while we were there.

We ran some errands with Mimi and even squeezed in a trip to Bailey Boys to find some treasures for baby Alice. As you can see, she was very excited about them.

Turns out Mimi may have snuck a Georgia onesie into the bag of treasures and, much to Jason’s chagrin, managed to get a few photos of her wearing it before we got home.

Mimi has since been placed on FaceTime restriction by Jason for pulling that fast one on her Vandy grad son-in-law. GranDodie reminded Alice to choose teams wisely.

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up the car and head home again. We said goodbye to GranDodie,  thanked her for the wonderful visit and hit the road. This time Alice slept pretty much the entire way while Mimi safely drove us through terrible rain storms.

Thanks for letting us come visit, GranDodie, we had such a great time with you! And thank you, Mimi, for making the trip possible. You make traveling with a 4 month old a breeze!

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