Lake Weekend

Anne, Alice, and Jason went up to the Barfield’s lake house on Clark’s Hill Lake this weekend to celebrate Katie’s 30th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Katie!!

Sadly, this is the only picture we have with the birthday girl in it (and Katie will probably kill me for posting it).  You know how those babies are – they just hog the camera.  As you can see, both Alice and her cousin, Caroline, have eared hoodies.

Now what follows will just be a series of pictures, including LaLa and Grampa, Momdoni, Alice, Anne, and Jason.  I would include some text, but we all know you people want to see the pictures!!


Thanks, LaLa and Grampa, for putting this weekend together, thanks Bill and Michelle for letting us enjoy the lake house for the weekend, and thanks, Katie, for turning 30 and giving us a reason to party together!!

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2 Responses to Lake Weekend

  1. trisha says:

    Great photos–wish we were there!! MAN, Katie is 30?? You guys are catching up with us!

  2. Ed Callison says:

    Great pictures. The girls are growing like KUDZU.

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