Twin Friends

Alice is lucky to have some sweet twin friends in her life. Florence and Anne Harrell Busby are the twin daughters of Anne’s dear friends from W&L, Esta and Ricky Busby.

The girls turned one last month and we got to celebrate their first year of life at the wonderful birthday party their parents hosted for them.

Florence and Anne Harrell were some of the first to come by and visit Alice after she was born. Pictured here back in June, Florence sweetly holds her hand our to prevent Alice from falling before she’d learned to sit up. (Can you believe Alice was ever this teeny?)

Alice had such a fun time at the birthday party. She loved playing with sweet Carli, another of Anne’s dearest college friends. Here Alice intently eyes the twins as they dig into their cake. Oh how she would have loved to eat some! But, alas, she won’t start solids until 6 months.

Anne holding Alice, Esta holding Florence, and Carli holding Anne Harrell

Thanks Esta to and Ricky for including us in the celebration and to Florence and Anne Harrell for being such sweet friends! We look forward to many more years of celebrating!

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