8 months, 6 teeth and Standing


Baby girl is now officially 8 months and growing by leaps and bounds with each passing week. We don’t have any new stats about her physical growth as she won’t return to the pediatrician until the  9 month check up (although we can report that she has lost many of those delicious rolls she flaunted in her infancy, much to her mother’s chagrin). We can, however, update y’all on some of her new talents and tricks as of late.


Alice has figured out how to stand up all on her own without her Momma or Daddy’s help. In the photo here she is still hanging on to the window, but recently she has started to let go with both hands and stand for a few moments unsupported. We’ve been too excited and stunned by this most recent feat to remember to grab the camera in order to catch it, but as you might gather from her smile above, little Alice is quite pleased with herself and proud when it happens. So are we!


We are in the thick of the teething process and as a result there is rarely a moment that Alice is not shoving some random household item into her mouth. We have to be much more careful about what we leave on the floor. Spoons, straws and pretty much anything made of plastic are the current favorites. She now has 6 teeth (two top, four bottom) with two more peeking through. It was sad to say goodbye to that gummy baby grin, but we think she looks pretty cute with teeth, too.


This has been such a fun stage of Alice’s development. She is full of expression and becoming more verbal all the time. It seems like she learns something new each day. Our house is filled with her sweet babbles and the many happy sounds of her delight. We are loving watching her grow up!



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2 Responses to 8 months, 6 teeth and Standing

  1. She is SO cute!! And six teeth? WOW!! She looks like a very happy baby!

  2. Will Bernal says:

    Just when I think she can’t get more beautiful, you post another set of photos. The one of her with the spoon in her mouth reminded me of chicken-fax. Glad to see she looks quite comfortable, as opposed to the agitated state Ricky used to be in when he needed a spoon in his mouth.

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