Catching up

It always seems that I am about a month behind with the blog posts. These days it’s more like two months. So in case you were wondering what we did in March, here are a few of the highlights:

Our sweet friend Judah was dedicated at church and we had a great time celebrating this joyous occasion with our friends at his party in Whittier Mill Park.

Alice had had a pretty miserable ear infection that kept her down in the beginning of March. Thankfully the medicine worked wonders and she was back to herself in no time!

Mommy and Daddy enjoyed an out of town weekend (their first since Alice was born!) for a friend’s wedding in Birmingham while Lala and Grampa stayed with Alice. We think Alice loved being with her grandparents as much as we loved the weekend away.

Alice’s hair grew more and more, thus enabling her to sport an impressive faux hawk.

Here she is showing off some serious bed head.

We also had a quick, delightful visit from our friend Miss Elizabeth who came all the way from Mississippi for her Spring break. We loved seeing her.

Turns out Alice is into filling. We thought she might be a help with filing our taxes this year, but she only wanted to dump out papers and stick her paci in the file folders.

Alice is starting to enjoy playing with other children. Once she learned to walk she became much more interested in what all the “big kids” were doing.  As you can see from the photos above, they are very tolerant and patient with her.

Mimi and Big also came for a week in March. They babysat Alice while we went out and they even helped us tackle house projects. We had such a fun and busy visit with them that we completely forgot to take photos with Alice while they were here!

We did manage to snap a blurry iphone photo in the parking lot just before they left. 🙂

And that was about it for March, another full and fun month of watching baby Alice grow!

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