Alice loves…

I thought I would share a bit about what Alice is into these days. At 11 months, she’s pretty much into everything she can get her hands and mouth on, but she also has a few favorite activities as of late. 

Alice loves going to the store, especially Target and Trader Joe’s.

Alice loves climbing. on. everything.

Alice loves getting into Momma’s purse

Alice loves “big girls.” Here she is with some of Jason’s middle schoolers.

Alice loves the bath. She would stay in the tub all day if we’d let her.

Alice loves food. She can now officially eat all grown-up food. These days she really loves  guacamole and black beans. She may even enjoy Mexican cuisine more than her parents.

Alice loves the swings! Put this child in a swing and you will instantly get perma-grin.

Alice also loves: dogs, opening and closing cabinets and drawers, climbing in and out of chairs, crawling up stairs, dancing to music, clapping her hands, sharing her food with others, reading books at bed time with daddy, pushing her cart around the house and chasing after her beach ball.

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