May Re-cap

Here is a quick visual re-cap of our month of May. It was a busy one! (Apologies if you subscribe to our instragram feed and have seen every single one of these already.)

Alice discovered the joys and tensions of the toy aisle at Target. It’s a good place to learn that you can’t always get what you want.

Mimi was with us for a glorious 3 weeks. It was a little like living with Mary Poppins. (practically perfect in every way!)

Her obsession with the iphone grew ever stronger.

She enjoyed playing dress-up with Daddy’s work clothes.

She got a new pair of crocs for playing outside. Best $20 we’ve spent in a long time.

Tried her hand at corn-hole in preparation for the upcoming beach trip.

She got a baby pool for her birthday. She is crazy about it! As if the facial expression didn’t give it away.

She learned to give really good hugs. Not just to stuffed animals, but to people, too!

She became more and more social, even with perfect strangers like this unassuming girl at the park whom we’d not met before we arrived.

She took more of in interest in her reading

She became quite adept at crawling “inside” of things, like this flower pot for example

The love affair with Mexican continued. Here she is ordering at our favorite taco place.

We had to say goodbye to Mimi at the end of the month. It was sad to see her go, but what an incredibly memorable month it was. Thanks for spending it with us!

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