Birthday Festivities


We had a heck of trying to celebrate baby Alice’s first birthday this year.

First, we had to cancel her scheduled party as a result of her Daddy’s unfortunate bout with shingles. (Don’t worry, sounds scarier than it was, he’s now fine.) Then little Alice caught a bug which resulted in a double ear infection which delayed the festivities indefinitely. We had a very sick and very sad baby and Daddy on our hands for a while there.

Suffice it to say, the Faulkners were in no shape to be throwing any soirees, but thankfully our buddies the Wamsteds were kind enough to meet up with us on the night of Jason and Alice’s real birthday for a last-minute celebratory dinner at Jason’s favorite neighborhood pizza place.

We came back to our house to sing to the birthday boy and baby and share some yummy petit fours. I still think it’s so special that these two share a birthday. Check out this photo of this cute pair of birthday twins this time last year. wow!

Here is Daddy enjoying his birthday cake with his best buddy…the Swam!

Alice loved getting to spend her actual birthday with her one and only party guest (and her betrothed) baby John! Check out these two at their first meeting this time last year.

Millie with the babes

My mother had a rule when we were growing up that the number of friends that children should be allowed at their party ought to be the same number as the year they are turning. Since Alice was turning one and she had only one friend in attendance, it looks like we were safely within the bounds of Mimi’s “rules for children’s parties.” 🙂

Happy Late Birthday to my two great loves!

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  1. says:

    happy birthday, alice (and her dad)! love, the seelingers

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