Family Fun

It’s true, the beach posts thus far have been heavily Alice-focused. So, lest you should believe that she was the only one on this trip, I thought it important to share the best part by far of beach trip 2012…

Our Family!!! All 40 of them, that is. Check out that top left photo. Jason’s side of the family is impressive, no? And that’s not even everyone. I think a final headcount concluded there were about 25 adults and 15 children in all. You can imagine Alice lacked neither attention nor entertainment in her two weeks at the Isle of Palms with this crew.

She loved getting lots of quality time with her cousin and buddy Caroline. Caroline, who is 7 months older, was so kind, helpful, and patient with our busy baby girl. She is a wonderful cousin and friend, just like her Momma, Alice’s aunt Katie.

Alice made a new pal in her 2nd cousin Rosemary. Turns out Alice and Rosemary are basically the exact same in most ways… age, size, and disposition to be specific. Rosemary’s family has given her the nickname of “honeybadger” if that gives you any indication of her personality. Suffice it to say these two became fast friends.

Here they are sharing a bit of breakfast. Im not sure if they had more fun being together or the adults had more fun watching them pall around and cut up. Constant hilarity!

In addition to full days of playing with all of her fun cousins, we think she enjoyed getting in some quality time with us, too! She definitely loved getting so much love and attention from Lala and Grampa. And  it was a special treat for her to be with Momdoni (who turned 90 while we were there) too! Thanks to everyone for loving on our Alice. She is a lucky little girl to a part of such a great, big, fun family!

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