A week with a dog

As I mentioned in the last post, Alice loves dogs. She demonstrates a unique form of excitement (mostly pointing and squealing with delight) when she sees a dog at the park, out the window, on tv, or even in a magazine. So, imagine her delight when she returned from the beach and found a real, live dog in her own home. The excitement was epic.

While our friends the Wamsteds were at the beach last week, we had the pleasure of keeping their dog, Eli. Eli was quite the trooper to put up with this neophyte dog family. He was exceptionally tolerant of Alice’s overzealous displays of affection and curiosity.

To say that Alice was enamored with Eli would be an understatement. First thing every morning after she awoke, she would call Eli from her crib (she did this by imitating the clicking sound she heard us make when we’d beckon the dog. It was impressively accurate and pretty cute, too!) From there on out the day would be filled with non-stop chasing, heckling, and playing with the dog.

We went on many walks with Eli and he was an excellent leader of our pack.

The week with a dog also provided some unexpected opportunities for lessons in kindness, gentleness, and self-discipline. These are hard virtues for adults to achieve, let alone a 12 month old with unbridled enthusiasm. I’m not sure we progressed very far with the life lessons, but we certainly identified some areas for improvement.

Suffice it to say, the week with Eli was a delight. Alice misses her constant companion terribly. She still beckons him from the crib in the mornings and looks for him at mealtime when she drops food from her high chair. We know that we are not yet ready for a dog of our own, but we will be glad to take Eli back for a week-long stay any time.

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  1. Millie says:

    This post makes me so happy.

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