Catching up from August

The month of August was primarily marked by Jason’s return to school. It felt like quite an adjustment after nine glorious weeks of summer with Daddy, but we cushioned the transition with a few lunch visits to Heritage to visit with him.

Alice was intrigued by Daddy’s school. She wandered into the E1 (preschool) classroom and found a furry friend there. But she liked the playground best of all.

We had one glorious week of cooler weather in August during which we enjoyed lots and lots of time outdoors. Alice seems to be happiest these days when she is outside playing. She regularly asks to “gah” which is her way of asking “can we go outside?”She still enjoys cooling off with a popsicle in her pink chair on hot afternoons.

We had a rainy week in August, forcing us to get creative with indoor play since we couldn’t go out. Below, Alice enjoys the slide at the Chick-fil-A playground.

We also had some great play dates with friends. Our buddy Judah (who just turned one!) came over for lunch one day and played in the tent with Alice.We shared some good times with the Busby twins, Florence and Anne Harrell.

We went to the GA aquarium on a rainy day with them and loved studying all the fish.

At the end of August Alice turned 15 months. Weighing in at 21 lbs and measuring 31inches, she was reported to be in good health by her pediatrician.

After her 15 month shots Mamma treated Alice to a cookie, which she gleefully accepted.

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