What we do at 15 months

 We play lots of peek-a-boo. Alice will hide somewhere and jump out eagerly in an effort to surprise us. We have found that the tent is especially good for activity.
We stack blocks. It felt like a significant milestone the day she figured out how to stack the blocks into a tower rather than only showing interest in knocking them over.

We read. A lot. Alice has taken a much more active interest in her books. She points, follows along, and repeats certain words. She especially loves books with animals.

Above she is holding her current favorite book Goodnight Gorilla.

We go down the slide…over and over again. Recently, have been getting her into her PJs after dinner and walking to the park around the corner for a little more play time. It works wonders at wearing her out before bed.

We take only one nap a day. She’s officially dropped her morning nap and is now down to just one nap after lunch. If we are in the car too long in the mornings we don’t always make it home in time (as pictured above) but for the most part she does great with it.

We feed ourselves with a spoon. She is not skilled with utensils by any means, but she so enjoys eating her yogurt with a spoon that I’m happy to let her practice in spite of the huge mess she makes.

We say many new words. Her most recent acquisitions have been “pickle”, “sticker”, and “cookie” which, incidentally, happen to be three of her favorite things in life these days. You can see the joy on her face as she enjoys her “cookie” above.

We draw on paper. She has taken a real interest in the marks left behind by pens, crayons, and markers. Thank you Lala for bringing us some washable crayons this week!

We help Momma with many of her tasks. Alice has become a much better helper and companion to Momma on her myriad errands. She is a big hit at the grocery store.

Just a little glimpse into life with our 15-month-old. Seems like she learns something new each day!

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