So much catching up (A post for Great Grie)

We have certainly been delinquent in our blogging this month, but thankfully my grandmother (Alice’s Great Grie) is good about sending a friendly reminder email when I am overdue for posting photos of the little one. What follows is my best effort at a glimpse into what’s  been happening around here (thank goodness for instagram ).The seasons have officially changed and we welcomed Autumn with great delight in our household. The days have been a magical mixture of cool mornings which allow for sweaters,  but afternoon temperatures that still call for short sleeves. We are relishing these cool mornings in the 50s after a summer of record heat. We celebrated the first one with hot tea, our best hoodies and a trip to the park.

The biggest news of the month has been Alice’s start of school! Well, it’s not school technically. It’s just a little Parents Morning Out program she attends two days a week at a church down the street. But we like calling it “school” around here.

She started three weeks ago and has transitioned from being timid at drop off and sleepy at pick up to being excited when she sees her teacher and energized when she comes home. The above shots were from her very first day. I think that was the most excited I’ve ever seen her to come home and be reunited with her blocks (which she calls “buahcs!”)

The nice weather has also afforded us the opportunity for more fun outings with our cousin Caroline. Here are the girls at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens on a pretty September day.Alice especially loved the children’s garden where she met this chicken and saw lots of butterflies which is another of her new favorite words.

And lastly, I leave you with a smattering of photos from the rest of the month. A little bit from here, there, and everywhere. Hope you enjoyed the photo update Grie. Thanks for the reminder e-mail! 🙂

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