St. Simons Visit

Alice and Anne just returned from a wonderful road trip with Mimi down to St. Simons Island, GA where we got the chance to visit with Alice’s Great GranDodie for a few days.
The two small pictures on the right side above are from our last visit to St. Simons, about one year ago. And the photo on the left is from this recent visit. It’s hard to believe Alice was still being swaddled this time last year. What a difference a year makes!
We had the privilege of staying at my Aunt and Uncle’s beautiful home on Sea Island during our visit which proved to be a magical place for little Alice to enjoy and explore. She loved all of that green grass and the wide open spaces for running around!

And, of course,  she loved getting to swim, splash, and play in the pool!We managed to get in lots of great play time during our quick visit. Aunt Sally made sure Alice was sufficiently entertained with all sorts of unique toys, games, and stuffed animals like these two cats ( bottom right, above) that Alice so wanted to take home with her.

It was so fun for Alice to get to spend some quality time with her great-grandmother and with her Mimi this weekend. We had dinner at GranDodie’s house every night and Mimi helped keep her entertained while everyone watched the Georgia game on Saturday. It was really special to have all four generations of Bowen girls together in the same room.

Aunt Sally was such a gracious hostess and so wonderful to Alice while we were there. She definitely spoiled us all (Mimi and myself included) and made it hard for us to leave!

It was such a great trip filled with sweet family time and special memories with our baby girl. Many thanks to Mimi for getting us safely there and back and for making all that comes with traveling with a toddler seem easy. We loved being with you!

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