Since Alice was only a wee babe last year, this really felt like her first official Halloween. We prepped for the evening by carving the pumpkin, cooking a pot of chili for supper (a Faulkner family tradition), getting into costume, and practicing saying “trick or treat!”

This year Alice was a Chicago Blackhawks cheerleader which she seemed to really enjoy. The uniform was sent to her as a baby gift (thanks so much to Rocky and Marilyn!) and we were excited to see that she finally fits into it! In the photo above, she checks out our neighbor Anna in her awesome lion costume. When Alice saw her she exclaimed, “Roar!”

We started off the night with our friends the Baggetts who live just two doors down from us. Miss Carolyn was nice enough to let Alice practice with her bowl of candy as a little trial run. Bosco, the Baggett’s dog, supervised the tutorial.

Then we headed off for our first official trick-or-treating trek. We started at the home of our friends the Montgomerys where sweet Hannah joyfully greeted Alice at the door with a bowl full of candy in her adorable cupcake costume. Alice chose this blue lollipop and didn’t let go of it for almost the entire night.

For her first attempt at trick-or-treating, she seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly. Much to her parents chagrin, she began to figure out that there was something delicious inside of each of those brightly colored packets people were dropping in her bag, which, you can imagine, made her all the more eager to get up to the front door of the next place and find something yummy, or “mummie!” as she would say.
When we stopped at our friend Wyatt’s house Alice decided she’d like to hand out the candy to the trick-or-treaters instead of eat it. She loved greeting all the kids in costume.

Our last stop of the night was to the home of our new neighbors and dear friends, the Hitchcocks, where precious Charlie greeted us with candy and we got to visit with the whole family for a bit. We are so glad to have them nearby us in the neighborhood!

When we got back home and Alice realized it was all over she was a bit overcome with sadness, but recovered quickly when she remembered her sweets in the kitty cat bag.

All in all, it seemed that Alice’s first Halloween was a great success. It was such a fun night with our neighbors and friends that we are already looking forward to celebrating it next year!

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