What a fun and full month November has been. Here are some pics of the past few weeks:

Alice’s love affair with the neighbor’s kitten continued.

If only i weren’t allergic I think we might have to adopt it.

Trying to snap a family photo with the kitty around turned out to be a bit of a bust.

We’ve had lots of good outside time and are soaking up every last bit of this year’s gorgeous fall in Atlanta.

Just look at these awesome leaves from our neighbor’s tree. Such a sight to behold! Alice loves picking up the colorful leaves and bringing them to me like a prize.

We have hit the road for some fun field trips around town.

Below Alice enjoys the children’s area at the Botanical Gardens

We had a fun play date with cousin Caroline and Alice got to meet her newest cousin baby Lily. The big girls kept so busy playing I completely forgot to get a photo of all three.

Our twin friends Florence and Anne Harrell took us to a glorious indoor playground called HippoHop filled with enormous toys for bouncing, climbing, riding and hopping. It was pretty much Alice’s dream come true.

We enjoyed a really fun weekend visit from Miss Erin, momma’s oldest childhood friend. Erin came all the way from St. Louis and is expecting her first baby (a boy!) in March. Alice can’t wait to meet him!

We also enjoyed a visit from Mimi. Earlier this month Daddy was in a wedding and Mimi stayed with Alice so we could attend all of the weekend’s festivities.

Alice strikes a pose with Momma before one of the weekend’s events.

Alice got a serious (and unintentional) haircut from Momma. What started out as a simple trim turned out to be a significant chop. Oops! Thankfully her hair grows quickly these days!

It seems hard to believe that by the end of this month Alice will be a year and a half old! The time has flown. We are feeling very thankful for our wild turkey this Thanksgiving.

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