Christmas Season Kick-off at the Botanical Gardens

The day after Thanksgiving we took a Faulkner Family field trip (with Lala, Grampa, Aunt Katie, and Caroline) to the Botanical Gardens to kick off the Christmas season and work off some of that delicious turkey day feast with a little outdoor activity. We bundled up and braved the cold (cold for Atlanta, that is) and had a swell time. Here are a few pics from our family outing:


dsc_3616dsc_3551dsc_3556 (1)

At the end of our excursion through the gardens, St. Nick was holding court in the solarium, so we decided to check him out. As you can see from the photos above, Alice was none too sure about this strange man with the white beard. She certainly wasn’t interested in sitting on his lap, as evidenced by her tight grip on Momma the entire time. A far cry from last year when she didn’t seem to care one way or the other about him.


Despite the uncertainly over Santa, we decided it probably won’t be our last trip to the Botanical Gardens this December. Alice so loved riding that choo-choo train and running through the gardens admiring all the amazing decorations that we will likely be back for more. It was a such a fun day with family and a really great start to our Christmas season!



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