A year and a half

Alice had her 18 month appointment yesterday. It is hard to believe she is already a year and a half old. Where has the time gone? Here are her stats from yesterday’s appointment and a little glimpse into life with Alice at 18 months.


Height -32in (60th%), Weight – 23lbs5oz (40th%), Head size – 18.3in (50th%)

Likes – brushing her teeth, being outside, watching older kids play, imitating animal sounds, eating apples whole, washing her hands, building with her blocks, anything that turns on and off – especially lights, playing with and caring for her “bebe” dolls.

Dislikes – staying still long enough to get dressed, keeping her hair bows in place, and getting strapped into the car seat…oh man, can you put up a fight while momma tries to buckle you in! Some mornings getting in the car feels like an olympic workout.


Food:  Alice is now starting to eat well at the dinner table with us and reminds us to pray before the meal by holding out her hands towards mommy and Daddy once everyone is seated. It is so dear! She is eating with a spoon and fork, but still likes to dig in with her hands if the utensils start to hold her up. She really hasn’t hit the picky phase yet and will try all kinds of foods. Her favorites right now are Applegate Farms organic sausages for breakfast, cottage cheese, green and black olives, any kind of berry, green peas, dill pickles and most of all: Trader Joe’s macNcheese. I think she could live off of that stuff! Still not a milk drinker, but loves yogurt and any cheese we put in front of her. The most recent fave was the chevre with cranberries from Thanksgiving…yum, she loved it as much as we did! We start off each morning with a big cup of “green juice” that has kale, spinach, and Spirulina mixed with lots of fruit juices and vitamins. She wakes up each morning asking for “juuuus.”


full of life

Talking – your vocabulary seems to be expanding rapidly and you have turned into a little parrot mimicking everything we do and say. Your newest words and phrases are: “more please”, “help please”, and “where’d it go?” One day last weekend when Daddy was watching a golf tournament, you looked at the screen right after Tiger Woods teed off and said, “I see the ball!” clear as bell. Both Daddy and I were utterly shocked to hear that come our of your mouth since up until now we’ve only heard you string together two-word phrases. We’re counting that as your first official sentence since it included a subject, verb, direct object AND an article. We were so proud 🙂


All  in all this has been such a fun (and busy!) stage of your life. You are by no means a mellow child, but your busyness, energy and curiosty keep us on our toes. We can’t really take our eyes off of you for one second or else things like this tend to happen. It’s been neat to see your memory grow and develop and see how strong your associations are. You are getting good at remembering names and you love to talk about Mimi and Lala when you see something that reminds you of them. You are so sweet about giving hugs and kisses when we ask and blowing kisses bye-bye whenever we leave. It’s been fun to watch you take an interest in your baby dolls all of a sudden. You will rock them and try to feed them your snacks and get them to drink from your juice cup. Just yesterday I found you in the kitchen laying your babies down on the floor and telling them “nigh-nigh” and then you lied right down beside them. It warms my heart to see you be so tender and gives me hope for your impending relationship with baby#2.


Happy year and a half to you, our sweet Alice. It’s been a remarkable 18 months. We are so thankful for the ways you teach us and stretch us each day and we are especially grateful for the deep joy you’ve given us. We are happy and proud to call your ours.

Alice 18mon

heading off to school this morning. excited as usual.

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