Eleanor Lately


Eleanor is now two months old (10 weeks as of today).  At her check up this week she weighed in at 10 lbs and measured 22.5 inches. She is happy, healthy, and growing well. Eleanor’s most recent trick is to smile and kick her legs in the air anytime someone comes near her. You can see her exercising this impressive skill in the photos below. She has also started cooing as of late. Between the all the smiling and the sweet baby coos, we are literally drowning in cuteness around here. Maybe thats why I never seem to get around to the blogging….to much good stuff to look at!


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2 Responses to Eleanor Lately

  1. D. Alan Faulkner says:


    “When you handle rice, water, or anything else, have the affectionate and caring concern of a parent raising a child.” Zen Master Dogen

  2. cajuncart says:

    LOOK AT THIS LAMB! AND THOSE EYES! Oh, sweet peeps…
    gifts abound! GOD IS GOOD! Love to you all and hope to see you SOOON…

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