Sisterhood so far

photo (20)

Alice meets Eleanor upon arriving home from the hospital

Of the many blessings that the addition of baby Eleanor has brought into our lives, perhaps the greatest blessing has been watching the unfolding relationship between she and her big sister Alice develop. Rather than doing any injustice to this budding relationship with my words, I am posting a sampling of snapshots which I believe captures their mutual joy and love, the ebb and flow of terror and tenderness, and most importantly: the delight and affection these two have for one another.

photo (21)photo (22)photo (23)img_4163


img_4099 img_3863 img_3951 img_3714 img_2824img_2694

photo (16)

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1 Response to Sisterhood so far

  1. cajuncart says:

    HMMM, Faulkner Fam, these are BEAUTIFUL. From the only child perspective, this is one of the most beautiful gifts from God — the budding love and relationship between siblings. This fascinates me and makes me light up with thanksgiving for you all…
    Love you, wonderful people!

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