photoIt is hard to believe that Eleanor is already four months old. At her 4-month appointment today she weighed in at 12lbs and measured 24.5in in length. Little sister is growing up before our very eyes! She rolls over constantly, holds her head up high for longer periods of time, and shows signs that she intends to crawl as early as her big sister (which gives us approximately 4 more weeks of having only one mobile child). She even gifted us with her first laugh this weekend while playing peep-eye with Momma, a bit of which we caught on tape:

As evidenced by the clip, Eleanor is one happy baby. She is such a sweet, easy going child and has been such a delightful addition to our little family. It is already hard for me to remember what our life was like before her! We are having the best time getting to know this blue-eyed baby better with each passing day. We love you baby sister!


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2 Responses to Eleanor: Four Months!

  1. Anne Miller says:

    Love this! “The scarier I am, the more she likes it.”

  2. cajuncart says:

    That laugh is adorable and addicting! Love and joy to you all!

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