Eleanor at 5 months


Eleanor has been 5 months for several weeks now , so we are more than a little past due with the update, (we’ve had a busy month filled with travels, friends, and end of summer adventures) but I wanted to go ahead and post a few recent pics of her before she officially turns 6 months at the end of August. (Six Months?! Where has the time gone?)

photo-1 a84eac4cfb0311e2893322000a1f9ca0_7

d75087fefd2911e297fa22000ae91219_7Eleanor is such a happy, easy going baby. She is very generous with her smiles and will pretty much grin at anyone who so much as looks in her general direction. Some of her favorite things right now include: Sophie the Giraffe, being held (she is finally a hip baby!), and watching her big sister Alice run wild.


Eleanor’s blue eyes seem to be one of  her most distinctive features at present. We get stopped in public often by people commenting on her “pretty blue eyes.”

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In other exciting 5 month news, Eleanor has started crawling! I had hoped she would wait much longer than Alice did before she figured out how to move, but we had no such luck. Not to be outdone by big sister, right at 5 months (the same time almost to the day as Alice) Eleanor began to crawl. We are very impressed with her new found ability to move. It has taken no time at all for her to figure out how to crawl across a room and to get into to Alice’s toys. This has made for some interesting opportunitues in lessons on sharing for big sister. We hear the phrase, “no Eleanor, that’s mine!” about 20 times per day. 🙂


It’s been a great month and a great first summer for baby Eleanor. Stay tuned for some posts on our family’s summer fun and some updates on big sister, too!

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