Little Sister is Six Months


Eleanor is officially six months old. How quickly a half-year of life has flown by!

photo (2)

We celebrated her half-birthday with a half-cake. Sadly she could not eat it, since she does not yet eat solid food (but she will start this month!) Fortunately,  big sister was all too happy to help her consume it and blow out the six candles for her!


After several weeks of crawling, Eleanor leaned to sit up all by herself this month. It’s so fun to see her enjoying the view from this new, upright perspective. We think she likes it!


But she usually does not sit still for long. This little girl is on the go! She crawls everywhere and especially loves crawling and after Alice’s toys as is pictured above. She plays hard and, thankfully for us, she sleeps hard (as pictured below.)


Little sister received a great report from the pediatrician at her six month check up. She is just an ounce shy of 14lbs in weight and and 26inches in length. She is a tiny thing!

eleanor doc

We love you baby Eleanor! Happy 6 months!

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