Eleanor’s 8th month

photo (1)Eleanor has only 3 days remaining as an 8-month-old, so it seems like a fitting time for our 11th hour eight-month post. Eleanor had a fun and full month which included: a trip to the beach with Mimi and Big, her first Halloween (she was a baby cow), a weekend with Lala while Momma and Daddy were out-of-town, and lots of fun outdoor playtime in the leaves with her big sister and new friends. Eleanor said her first words this month (dada and bahbah are the most frequent), she has four new teeth poking through on the top, and in addition to cruising all over the furniture she is now starting to stand up unsupported for a few seconds at a time.  She has started clapping, pointing, and waving all within the span of these past few weeks. She is also getting better with her pincer grasp and is picking up her puffs and (finally) eating them. It seems that she is at a real turning point in her development. These new skills and milestones are so fun to watch, but also tinged with some sadness as I see her turning the corner and leaving the baby days behind her with each new feat. Eleanor has been the sweetest, easiest baby, which makes it especially hard for me to let go of these halcyon days of her infancy and to accept that she will soon be a walker … and … then eventually a toddler (yikes!). But for now, we are savoring every second of  these precious, fleeting days of Eleanor’s first year and drinking in all of her delicious baby love while we still have it.


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2 Responses to Eleanor’s 8th month

  1. Ed Callison says:

    Thanks Anne

    Beautiful little girl

    Can’t wait to see all of you

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. cajuncart says:

    AHHHH, these “halcyon” days, indeed, sweet friend. She is as magnificent as the sum of her beautiful family…immediate and extended. With great love to ALL………………………………and hopes to see that little lady and the Faulkner crew SOON!

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